• Rebecca Sebastian

    Quirky, innovative, and philosophy driven are three things that describe Rebecca Sebastian and her yoga teaching style.  The Quad Cities’ first yoga therapist, and a long-time teacher and practitioner, Rebecca brings passion and knowledge to her yoga therapy clients, workshops, yoga immersions, and classes.  As well as owning her own business she also is a mentor for new up-and-coming yoga teachers and yoga therapists as they find their way in this emerging profession.  Find out more about her at rebeccasebastianyoga.com.

  • Allyson Knanishu

    I am a certified 200 hour yoga instructor, with specialty trainings in: Yin Yoga, Mindfulness, Reiki, Transcendental Meditation, & Yoga for All. The practice of yoga is a fundamental part of my wellness plan encouraging me to slow down, be present, become physically & mentally stronger, & move gently. On my mat, whether I’m humbled in a child’s pose or standing strong in a warrior pose, yoga brings a necessary attempt of balance to my daily existence. 

  • Jack Cushman

    Hi. My name is Jacquelyne Cushman. I prefer the pronouns "she" and "her".

    I first turned to this practice when both Fibromyalgia and sexual assault left me clinically disabled. I won’t tell you that yoga fixed everything (how awesome would that be?!). But I will say yoga's power to heal is profound, and its become the foundation upon which I stand.

    You'll usually find me teaching "Dynamic Vinyasa", which means you can expect to actively flow between a variety of postures, both traditional and modern. I'm a firm believer that working on your stability rather than your flexibility is the key to a sustainable, lifelong practice, and my guidance will usually lean towards playing the long-game. I tend to focus on the everyday application of yoga as opposed to the esoteric, though I do love mindful chanting and will briefly do so in a lot of my classes. If you're interested in challenging yourself, playing with postures, and laughing when we fall, you'll love my flows,

  • Ashley Ehrecke

    Ashley received her YTT in 2013 from the Davenport School of Yoga, and she has been teaching yoga to all ages since. Within the last 6 years her style has diversified to include traditional mat classes, chair yoga, aerial yoga, and kids yoga in gyms, classrooms, and workshop settings. Correspondingly, during this time, Ashley completed her Bachlors in Psychology and her Masters in Educational Studies at Western Illinois University. Through this work she was able to study and work with professionals in the Yoga in Schools world. This passion for bringing yoga to all children, lead her to Co-founding the Quad Cities Yoga Foundation, a non-for-profit whose goal is “bringing yoga to the people, creating access for all.”  

    Class description:
    In my classes we will take a balanced approach to connecting our minds, bodies and breath. Personally my favorite part of yoga is finding what feels good in my body at the moment, exploring the edges of a pose and creating fluid movement where we may have been stagnant before. I love variations, and will offer lots of them! I believe we can start to approach any pose, as long as we do so with awareness and understanding and meet our bodies where they are. My main goal in class is to help you create a sense of peace and calm within, while exploring new ways to move and breathe in your body.

  • Alexander Richie

    Born in Saint Louis Missouri, Alexander is an Academic Advisor, Portrait Photographer, and Certified Yoga Instructor. Most of what Alexander knows about yoga has been self-taught over two years and through the teachings of the Davenport School of Yoga’s 200 Hour Teacher Training Certification. What Alexander enjoys most about yoga is its aspect of self-actualization.

  • Robin Abbott

    Robin Abbott is an occupational therapist, massage therapist and a practicing yogi for 20 years. She would NOT like to know what she would be like today without that 20 years. 

  • Sarah Stevens

    Sarah Stevens is a speaker, a writer, a business coach, and the founder of The Beautifull Project - a storytelling collective inviting women back to their bodies. She has been praciting yoga since 2010, having come to the practice hoping to change a body she had always considered to be "too much". After years of practice, Sarah discovered that yoga had managed to change much more than her physical appearnace, and credits yoga as the single most healing experience in her own journey of learning to belong in her body. Understanding her big body as an invitation to other people in marginalized bodies who may not feel like they belong in a yoga studio, Sarah decided to pursue the 200-HR CYT designation and began teaching in 2018. She is attentive to crafting classes that are accessible for every body type. Fat bodies, thin bodies, stiff bodies, bodies that can’t balance, bodies that won’t bend. They all belong. 

  • Angela Swanson

    Hello! I'm just a modern girl with a busy mind. Meditation and mindfulness have been game-changers for me and that's why I teach these tools to others. I've been a daily meditator since 2011 and a certified meditation and mindfulness instructor since 2013. Since then, I've taught couples, kids, school teachers, high-schoolers, executives, stay-at-home-moms, business owners, clergy, church members, retired folks, entrepreneurs... people from all walks of life to meditate. I am also a Mindfulness@Work Trainer and teach companies how to boost employee wellbeing and their bottom line by creating a more mindful workplace. My purpose is to help you live your life in high fidelity, which simply means showing up as the best possible version of YOU. The best way I know of doing that is by turning inward. Meditation is the key. Learn more here: www.cloudninemeditation.com

  • Diane Koch
    I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 1992 one month after my youngest child was born.  Many things happened before I this diagnosis ....Stress was a big factor and an overload on my immune system as many intense events were happening in my life.  I was told by a Rheumatologist that if I didn't follow his protocol I'd be in a wheelchair in a few months as my joints were severely inflamed,  I was in tremendous pain and having a difficult time caring for my baby as well as nursing him. I had to stop nursing my son and was struggling to continue working and caring for my other two children.
    I was scared and devastated that this could possibly be happening to me. I prayed and decided to refuse the 3 medications the Dr. wanted me to take.  I chose a path that few were taking 27 years ago with no internet to research what to do.  My prayers were answered and people began to come into my life along with reading many books and going to a small health food store I was able to heal my body with alternative medicine and nutrition.  It took time, within a little over a year I finally reversed the RA and my life changed. 
    Over the years I have expanded my journey to practice and teach Yoga beginning with a  200 Hr Anusara Yoga Teaching Certificate, I starting teaching 3 classes per week and assisted in teaching an after school program for the staff weekly.
    In March 2017 I completed another 200 Hr Hatha based Yoga Teaching Certificate at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, AZ and in September 2017 I completed my Advanced I Am Amrit Method Yoga Nidra Certificate  which included Yoga Nidra for Kids in AZ. I studied and have a certificate in Sound Healing that I incorporate in some of my classes.
    I have previously taught Beginners, Intermediate, Kids, and Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra with Sound Healing. 
    I have worked since 2004 as a Massage Therapist, Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, Reflexology, and Prenatal Massage.  I am a Reikimaster and teach Reiki classes.
    I studied to attain a 200 hour Holistic Nutrition Certificate as nutrition healed me.  I work with others one on one coaching them to feel better.  I am passionate about helping others seeking wellness and balance in their bodies and lifestyle.  I do this by incorporating Yoga, Movement, Sound, Nutrition, and Energy work as needed using the many modalities I've studied and trained in along with my intuition guiding me in our sessions.  I offer one on one and group sessions for Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Nutrition, Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, Reflexology and some Massage.  I offer Reiki classes to those seeking to learn energy healing for themselves.